MWHC Purpose Statement

McCain Whole Health Care (MWHC) is an innovative family medicine practice that rests on a firm foundation of two critical ideas: First, that falling in love with God and embracing God’s grace transforms and heals us.  Second, that excellent primary care is based on deeply relational, person-centered care. So we created a space that offers high-quality healthcare for patients by returning to the basics – trust, convenience, access, and most importantly, love.

We do this through a membership model of care, whereby patients pay a monthly fee and receive access to their physician through a variety of different approaches – text, phone, email, video meetings, in-office visits, and even house calls. (Yes, house calls!) It means that each patient has easy and quick access to information, solutions, and expert medical care. Our medical practice is based on the values of love, faith, compassion, responsiveness and expertise. We strive to live these values every day. We are heart-centered leaders with a deep commitment to fierce high service.

The providers of MWHC include integrative health coaching to empower members of the practice. We recognize that you are the ultimate expert in your healing journey. You are more than your physical health and MWHC is more than health care. Through the use of holistic therapies, our practitioners create safe space for spiritual transformation – a sacred space from which whole health and healing often emerges. 

If you are seeking compassionate, patient-centered healthcare and integrative wellbeing, through the unique practice model at MWHC, you will find exactly what you need.