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Fierce: “showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity”

In 2013, I started partnering with Christina Kunkle, a resilience coach who opened my eyes to amazing possibility. With her, I identified my CORE VALUE OFFER – “Fierce High Service.”

Fast forward 5 years later, after graduation from a transformative health coaching program through the Center for Spirituality & Healing at the University of Minnesota, I received this soul-stirring gift from Karen Lawson, Deb Olson, and Theresa Nutt.

What a blessing, these women committed to changing the world by supporting the hearts & voices of others who want to offer their best selves to create deep and lasting change in the world.

These amazing women, coaches, friends have walked the walk with me these years. They have held the space for me to speak my Truth, to live into my Fierceness, and to take a leap of Faith into my 2018 Word of the Year, COURAGE, with its original meaning – “to speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.”

What is your Core Value Offer?
What is your Word of the Year?
Who holds the space for you to speak your mind by telling all your heart?

Peace, health, & wholeness – Arlene