MWHC Morsels

MWHC Morsels 1/3/2022

Energizing you to take small steps towards a healthy, thriving life!


  • We are back and ready for a new year! Welcome, 2022!
  • Still, safety first!
    • We know that winter + interactions = illness (always true, COVID-time or not)
    • We know that COVID+ cases (and non-COVID respiratory illnesses) are rising
    • We know that we love one another and want to keep each other safe
    • Therefore:
      • We strongly encourage telehealth appointments (limit interactions)
      • We offer in-vehicle rapid COVID, flu, strep tests by appointment (learn numbers)- $129 for all three
      • We are open by appointment (love safely)
  • New year, new information?
    • Please reach out to update insurance and any new information (address,etc)
    • We are working on personalized care plans and will reach out to you as well
  • Direct bill labs
    • Insurance is increasingly denying follow up labs
    • We offer Direct Billing, where LabCorp bills the practice (at up to 90% off) and we bill you at the end of the month (ask for details)
      • Example: cholesterol= $2.50, Vitamin D=$11 
  • New addition: MWHC Main Course (keep reading)


  • Updated CDC COVID isolation/quarantine guidelines
  • From Sentara regarding antibody infusions to treat COVID

COVID Antibodies for TREATMENT of COVID-19

·         Bamlanivimab/etesevimab (bam/ete) and Casirivimab/imdevimab (REGEN-COV) do NOTappear to retain activity against the Omicron variant 

·         Sotrovimab DOES appear to remain efficacious against the Omicron variant, however supply of all COVID antibodies will be extremely limited as the number of COVID cases across the country increases

Sentara will continue to offer all COVID antibodies we have available in our infusion centers, based on the state’s guidance and regional variant data.

·         Providers should ensure that patients are aware current antibody products are not effective against the Omicron variant before they send the request form. It is at the discretion of the provider and patient if they wish to proceed.

Due to limited inventory across our regions we will be implementing the following revised prioritization for COVID antibodies immediately:

·         Patients will be prioritized based on meeting tier 1 or tier 2 criteria (in alignment with state departments of health clinical prioritization matrix).  

o   Tier 1 – Immunocompromised individuals not expected to mount an adequate immune response to COVID-19 vaccination or SARS-COV-2 infection due to underlying conditions

o   Tier 2 – Individuals at highest risk of severe disease who do not meet criteria in tier 1

PRACTICE Love in Action

  • Love organizing? Interested in running and potentially owning a well-established business that serves the community? Please contact us if interested and we can connect you!
  • A member of the practice is seeking housing that will accommodate multiple animals on a fixed income. There is some urgency to the timing. Please contact us if you have any potential leads or can help in any way.
  • A practice member is seeking home personal care services (dressing, food prep, etc) after shoulder surgery. If you have any resources, please let us know!


  • Please download Spruce for HIPAA-compliant messaging & video communication.
    • Turn on Spruce notifications in your settings!
  • MWHC Website: “MWHC Morsels” from the Home Page; Events calendar; Resources; Community Partners (Feel free to recommend additional providers (including yourself!))

MWHC Main Course


I can’t help it! I’m wordy and since I can’t always be with you, I want to connect with you as much as I can, as often as I can. I mean, really, are ‘Morsels’ ever fully satisfying? Sure, tidbits are good enough when we’re rushed, but at its core, this practice is slow medicine because at our core, we need soul medicine. 

Our souls are nourished by loving relationships. And  since my love language is Words of Affirmation (what’s yours?) I am going to pour out words to you today.

Thank you so much for loving the ART team, and allowing us the time to rest this Christmas. It was a gift gratefully received and fully embraced. The rhythm of rest is an uncomfortable one after the rhythm of action; yet, oh how necessary it has been! It’s hard to believe in our inherent belovedness if we can’t be comfortable with resting.

And when I say “rest,” I don’t mean falling into an exhausted sleep, or binging on our numbing agent of choice, or “doing” restful things. 

By “rest”, I mean that in a multitude of moments, my mind, heart, and body are still enough to receive Love. To hold it, to be held by it, and then held a few breaths longer for Love to weave and interweave in between the infinite spaces of an infinite moment. It’s in those infinite, restful moments, that we remember that we are loved, regardless. 

And it’s because I experienced deeply restorative rest that I come into 2022 ready to live into my Word of the Year “Create” with a different energy than I’ve ever felt before. 

First, off, did you notice how I addressed you? Not as what you are (MWHC family), but WHO you are (BELOVED!!). That’s what you’re getting from now on. I’m going to inundate you (at least weekly) with your belovedness. This morning, when I read 1 Jn 3:2 “Beloved, we are God’s children now; what we shall be has not yet been revealed..” I paused. If John got to call those he loved, “beloved,” why can’t I? Yep, I’m doing it! Not just now, but always!

So… Hi, beloved! 

(Pause here. Soak that in as long as you need to. Choose your own adventure. You don’t need to go beyond this.)

Secondly, we don’t change in order to be loved (if I’m stronger, smarter, slimmer I’ll be loved); rather, we start off being loved and then have the strength to be a fully loving presence in the world. No matter how many times I’ve said it, it’s only by fully resting that I have been able to believe it. Right? If I’m simply “being” and trust in my belovedness, then I don’t have to “do” anything to be loved. Wow! What freedom! How empowering is that?!?!

Thirdly, (and I’m going to try to keep this a 3 course meal because, really, we all need to start the day), on the subject of Words, what’s your WOTY (Word of the Year)? Last year, as you shared your words with me, I wrote them on rocks that two patient-friends had gathered from their farms, and created a rock garden in the office. I wanted to make your words tangible because I wanted your words to touch mine, and I wanted to hold your words with you. Even if life got in the way and you forgot your soul’s whisper of your Word-to-be-made-flesh for the year, this little rock garden would bear witness to those whispers. And holding your words with mine shaped my own healing (Arlene’s WOTY 2021 “Heal”). Thank you!!

As you share your words with me, I have another little project evolving in my mind (not a rock garden this year, but another something special!!) Stay tuned!

As an aside (part 3A or maybe an added 4th course because God is abundant that way) the way in which I “embrace grace” (oh, I’m going to absorb every bit of the free and superabundant infinite love that I can get. There’s plenty for all of us. Let’s all gather around the table and have our fill!!) is 4-fold: Mindset, Movement, Nourishment, Sabbath as follows (and I share my example for 2022)

  • Mindset: Word of the Year. Ex. “Create”
  • Movement: Live into a question until I live into answers (see Rilke quote). Ex. “What is the impossible that needs to be made possible?”

“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.”- Rainer Maria Rilke

  • Nourishment: Guiding verse/quote. Ex. “Create in me a new heart; renew in me a steadfast spirit.” (Psalm 51:10)
  • Sabbath: Rest. Ex. Contemplative Sit for 20 minutes. (Really, just allow yourself 20 minutes to revel in infinite love for (at least?!?!) 20 minutes a day.)

I love you,