MWHC Morsels

MWHC Morsels 6/23/2022

Energizing you to take small steps towards a healthy, thriving life!


  • Please Spruce/text/call the office 540-416-9656 (not the pharmacy) when you have ZERO refills remaining on your prescriptions.
  • June 20-24: Randi is out of the office. 
    • During that time, reach out for appointments for urgent needs, and Randi will address other appointments upon her return.
  • July: Dr. McCain teaches at Bridgewater College as she does every July. 
    • Appointments are available in the afternoon in July. Please schedule in  advance as soon as possible
    • July 25-Aug 1: Dr. McCain will be attending her Living School graduation in Albuquerque.
      • Dr. A will cover urgent needs.


  • Dr. McCain’s book, Embrace Grace: New Medicine for a Wounded World is available!
    • Amazon Kindle (digital edition), and now pre-sale for the print edition (available in August!)
      • When you read the book if you feel called to leave a review on Amazon, I’d appreciate it!
        • Words of affirmation from those who know and love me give me words to savor and lift me up when I’m stuck in despair.
        • Positive words from those I don’t know bring me hope that words spoken through me, offering God’s love, can be embraced regardless of whether you know me or not.
        • Interested in reading a couple of reviews

MWHC Family Offerings

  • Mental Fitness Program begins June 27, 2022

Do you ever find yourself:  hampered by self -criticism, caught up in perfectionism, plagued by anxiety, stuck in high-alert mode, trapped in ruminating thought,  always trying to please others, chasing the next accomplishment or acquisition, procrastinating, or determined to control every aspect of your life?

What IF: you could implement elegantly simple practices at any moment that gave you access to your calm, clear-headed, curious, compassionate, innovative, purposeful wiser Self?

Intrigued? Join our 7-week program that does just that—gently, lovingly guides you away from all those old, conditioned behaviors and strategies and points you toward your innocent, essential nature, your true Self. ***The program includes a phone app to help you stay on track implementing these practices daily.

Questions? Want more details? Contact Melanie Balint Gray, PhD at:  I’d love to hear from you!


  • Please download Spruce for HIPAA-compliant messaging & video communication.
    • Turn on Spruce notifications in your settings!
  • MWHC Website: “MWHC Morsels” from the Home Page; Events calendar; Resources; Community Partners (Feel free to recommend additional providers (including yourself!))