How We Work Together

There are many innovative ways we can work towards your health and well-being when you come to see me! You may choose your preferred type of individual session or join us in group programs. We offer self-guided opportunities for our members too.

Individual Sessions

Business as UN-usual:
Sick visits, chronic disease management, physicals – all the traditional family medicine appointments with a whole health perspective and root cause approach.

Individual Integrative Health Coaching
Partner with your doctor to identify actionable steps towards your health goals and receive the one on one accountability necessary to sustain lifestyle changes.

Meet & greet
Sometimes a sit down, talk it out session is all you need. No worries about white coat hypertension! Vitals signs here focus on your vitality, not your numbers.

Muse & Diffuse
Interested in essential oils or other integrative therapies? We can diffuse essential oils and have conversations about different complementary therapies and learn about local holistic practitioners.

Plant & Rant 
Studies show that being grounded in the outdoors significantly improves mood. Instead of sinking into depression and anxiety, sink your feet into the ground, then get your hands dirty and plant something that you can nurture into something beautiful!

Stay & PrayStay & Pray 
Whole health includes mind, body, and spirit. What are we called to? What is our life’s purpose? Through coaching, we begin an exploration of the spirit to discover your authentic self.

Walk & Talk 
Walk towards those 10,000 steps a day while consulting with your doctor.

Group Services

  • Group Integrative Health Coaching: Through monthly group educational and coaching sessions, explore the foundational changes of mindset, movement, nourishment and sabbath  needed for a developing healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes. (Included in membership, fee for non-members)
  • Health and Wellness workshops (Fee for non-members, discounted member pricing)
  • Eat Good Treats Workshops: Healthy eating workshops (lunch or dinner sessions). (Fee for non-members, discounted member pricing)

Self-Guided Opportunities

  • Guided meditation: Meditation often seems intimidating for those unfamiliar with it. Come to our Quiet Room and try various guided meditations. Find out how easy it can be to incorporate this into your regular self-care routine.
  • Wellness Library: Browse our Health and Wellness Library, which includes books, videos, and audio files.