Integrative Services

Below you will find a summary of our integrative health services.

Integrative Health & Wellbeing Services

The work of personal transformation is no easy task. We can’t do alone, and we aren’t meant to! Whole health includes Mind-Body-Spirit … but not only in the here and now. Who we are is made up of who we were, and who we are becoming. Physical healing is complex, because we humans are complex. We rationally know what we “should” do to be healthy. Still, what stops us from doing what we should? And beyond that, even when we do “all the things right,” why don’t we always achieve optimal health?

We often underestimate the lasting physical, psychological, and spiritual impacts of our past experiences on our current health (see image below). Every experience we have “dis-integrates” us; that is, every experience affects us. As we grow up, adverse childhood events (ACEs), and relationships that influence our understanding of love and support (that is, all our relationships!), are integrated at a cellular level to affect our self-confidence, self-love, and self-worth. The “re-integration” of our new self-understanding formed from every past experience to this current moment, affects the wholeness of who we are. And that self-understanding either empowers us to create a life, or disempowers us so that we submit to it.

Everything changes. At McCain Whole Health Care, Dr. McCain is passionate about empowering clients on the path of transformation that courageously embraces the heights and depths and breadth of love. And she will hold the safe space as you are creating a life that no one else could even dare to imagine.

(M=Mind; S=Soul/Spirit; B=Body)