Embrace Grace

Embrace Grace is the deliberate creation of community to anchor us as we navigate the difficult work of transformation. People often say that they don’t have the willpower to make long-term, consistently healthy choices. However, it isn’t so much about willpower as it is discerning our deepest desires, the true motivations that keep us inspired in the midst of change.

Transformation is scary, because the revelation of deep truths can challenge long-term relationships that both support us and keep us from making radical change. Plus, too much change in too short a period of time makes it easy to gloss over the deep work and makes it difficult to anchor ourselves in habits that can be maintained through the seasons of the years, and the ups & downs of our personal & professional lives. 

Through Embrace Grace, we protect time and create safe space in order to allow for the emergence of deep change. Together, we will:

  • Sit in community
  • Listen in different ways 
  • Feel the words/ideas that resonate deeply with us
  • Explore those ideas more fully in the following weeks
  • Integrate those ideas into our personal lived experiences
  • Reflect upon how the ideas illuminate deeper truths within

When we feel safe to speak our truth, then we feel safe to ask for what we really need in order to be fully transformed.

Through Embrace Grace, we explore the 3 modules of Mindset, Movement, and Nourishment from January-September and then hold Sabbath time from October-December. We do this  by entering into a rhythm of action and contemplation through Co-creation, Connection, and Contemplation.

Co-creation: unstructured time to work with self-discovery tools one Friday a month, 3-5 pm.

Connection: one Thursday evening a month, 6-8 pm. Within each 3-month module, there are 2 months of guest speakers with group work, and 1 month of integration through Sharing Stories.

Contemplation: contemplative time is supported during a group retreat in October, and an individual retreat with Dr. McCain in November or December.

Module 1: Mindset

Jan 10, 2020, 3-5 pm: Info session, Enneagram

Jan 23, 2020, 6-8 pm: Dr. McCain, Laying the Foundation

Feb 7, 2020, 3-5 pm: Word of the Year

Feb 27, 2020, 6-8 pm: Liz Shoop, Mindfulness-based CBT

March 6, 2020, 3-5 pm: Core Value Offer

March 26, 2020, 6-8 pm: Sharing Stories (EG 1)

Module 2: Movement

Apr 3, 2020, 3-5 pm: Release

Apr 23, 2020, 6-8 pm: Val Holmes, Valley Fitness

May 15, 2020, 3-5 pm: Rocks

May 28, 2020, 6-8 pm: Jenny Siepka, Valley Cryo

Jun 12, 2020, 1-4 pm: Liz Shoop, Vision Board (HALF DAY session)

June 25, 2020, 6-8 pm: Sharing Stories (EG 1)

Module 3: Nourishment

July 10, 2020: Celebration

July 23, 2020, 6-8 pm: Dr. McCain

Aug 7, 2020, 3-5 pm: Love Language (Affirmation)

Sept 3, 2020, 6-8 pm: Natalie Kerr, Loneliness/Connection

Sept 18, 2020, 3-5 pm: Surrender

Oct 1, 2020, 6-8 pm: Sharing Stories

Module 4: Sabbath

Saturday, October 24, 9am-3pm: Group Retreat

November-December: 2 hour individual retreats with Dr. McCain (TBD)