Jan 23, 2020 Dr. McCain: Laying the Foundation for EG

We are creating a safe space for contemplative community. We are walking together over time. 

In community we need some guidelines – some are introverted, others are extroverted; some are energized by silence, others by conversation.

We want to honor all of the that in every person but because contemplation and silence and stillness are so countercultural, the purpose of circle time is focused on developing & cultivating silence and stillness and quiet in the group…and intentionally holding space with the energy of love for each person…

-without expectation 

-without judgment 

-without boundaries 

-without any seeking or forcing or wondering or regretting

Laying the foundation for holding space:

1. Honoring healthy boundaries –  We all want to be fully seen, fully heard, and fully supported

  • Each person time has ~7 minutes. This means speaking with brevity and clarity about the “one thing” that your soul wants to speak to this time
  • Allow the listener to hold space without having to fix, try to find the right answer for you, or anticipate a “perfect response”
  • Allow the listener to hold space for each person in the group 

2. We recognize that we are whole, healed, complete 

3. We are opening space to release what no longer serves

  • expectations (of ourselves and others)
  • criticisms (of ourselves and others)
  • barriers to love (all the walls that protect us from being hurt and that prevent us from Embracing Grace)

4. We are here to share in a safe space

  • safe to share
  • safe to hold space
  • safe to foster silence- in the silence …. in the space between spaces, God IS. And answers we never knew were there, arise within a person’s soul and speak through the person
  • We hold space, having confidence that our hearts and souls know the answer we need
  • We allow what’s hidden in our depths & shadows to be illuminated by the light of love

5. In the circle, the safety is in the holding space 

6. The time to ask for suggestions, resources, advice is after – IF YOU WANT IT (tell us) 

Each person wants to be SEEN with eyes of love, HEARD with ears of love, and SUPPORTED in the embrace of the free and unearned love of God. If we are Christ for one another, then in circle we are the body of Christ united and holding each other close. 

So as one person speaks in safety, our collective soul whisper emerges from the mystical body that is created in community.

And so, in the circle, the mystical body simply IS. No one person needs to Do, only Be fully present to the Other who speaks. The soul speaks Truth. That must be heard, and each person called into this community has Truth that needs to be expressed, held, savored, cherished, and nurtured by all of us who are called to the group to hear. 

We become Christ in communion- broken, blessed, and shared with one another. 

During contemplative time, we create SACRED community- holy, set apart, simply worthy of the awe and respect.

We honor one another as Beloved

We love one another in all the joy and sorrow, in all the triumphs and the struggles. We’re not fixing- we are Being Love for one another. 

We are Love- that’s all. That’s everything. 

We as community receive the gift of offering to fill each person with unconditional love.

And each of us as individuals receive the gift of being filled with unconditional love.

And, I also recognize that there is value in conversations, brainstorming, and learning; therefore time together is also fostered in co-creative time on Fridays, and additional connection time with speakers in future Thursday evenings.

The miracle that comes in the contemplative time happens in the Be-ing 

Where we listen, we get to Be who we’re called to be- vessels of Love.

When we speak, we get to Become word made flesh in the world, because when we allow our soul’s whisper to be voiced, what else is that but words that God has formed within us?

In circle, we witness to. We don’t fix.

When ones cries – we allow the tears to fall without trying to console, because we all want to be able to feel all the feels of sorrow until it’s been fully laid bare and held raw and bleeding and broken and open- and when we all feel it together and hold the pain in the embrace of Love, then together we move through the fullness of the pain and start the process of complete healing. 

When one is fearful, then we all hear and bear witness to the words that speak into the fear, that we’ve spoken to ourselves but not outside to ourselves. And we hold each other in the fear and offer, through Love, the courage to move forward, even when we’re afraid. 

When one is doubtful, we hold space for doubt to surface and hold space, so that even in the doubt we are anchored and held secure. 

When one is joyful, we witness and are filled with the joy that pours out to be shared.

When we are anxious, then as the words that ruminate again and again in loops in our brain are poured out into a space of Love….. then we can confidently release and release and release into Love that we trust and can fully surrender to so that peace settles within us.

During contemplative time, we become BOTH Lover and Beloved- we recognize and live into what it means to Love and to Be loved.

So the circle is an incredibly sacred space- we are witness to and participants in,  the word made flesh in the world. We become the mystical body of Christ. We become Love, we offer Love, and we allow ourselves to be filled to overflowing with Love and strengthened to  go out into the world confident in what the heights and depths and breadth of Love looks and feels and sounds like, and can offer that life-giving Love to everyone we meet.

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