Soul Medicine

Radical Grace

Radical “Of or going to the root or origin; fundamental”

Grace “The free and unearned Love of God”

Additional opportunity for CONNECTION! Open to members & non-members (maximum 12 participants)

Goal: Invitation into transformative friendships through God’s Word

What: 8-week Lenten small group study

Who: Everyone

When: Tuesdays, February 17-April 14, 8:30-10 am (no meeting during Holy Week) 


  1. 8:30-8:45     gather/settling
  2. 8:45-9:30     opening prayer/Spirit-filled discussion
  3. 9:30-9:35     discern weekly challenge
  4. 9:35-9:45     group prayer  

What to bring:

  • Yourself! (for sure!)
  • Your book! (ideally) ($4)
  • Your Bible (optional)