Week 1: 2/18/2020 Informal, Informational Gathering

We pray that those seeking transformative relationship with Christ, themselves, and other seekers find this group and find Radical Grace in their lives.

8:30- 8:45 Gather, Welcome, and Opening Prayer

As we gather, look up the meaning of your name and make it into an “I am” statement.  For example, “My name is Arlene. I am a pledge and a promise.”

Opening prayer: Good and gracious God, You call us each by name. Thank you for the gift of each person here today. May all that we do flow from our deep connection with You and all Beings. Let Your Spirit guide us and help us to become a community that vulnerably shares each other’s burdens and courageously shines our lights in the world. Listen to our hearts’ longing for the healing of our Selves, those we love, the communities we serve, and the healing of the world. Grant that we may come and rest a while, be restored and renewed. Grant that we may embrace Radical Grace with one another. Knowing that you hear us better than we are speaking, we confidently offer these prayers through Christ. Amen.  (- adapted from Richard Rohr’s Prayer for Our Community)

8:45-9:25 Introductions

(Arlene: my why for this group.) My name is Arlene. I am a pledge and a promise. My word of the year is Transform, and my intention this year is to transform into my True Self, so that I can transform the world I live and move and have my being in. This is a safe and sacred space, in which I live out my work of healing, both as a family physician and as loving witness to people’s lives. 

My hope is that here, we can cultivate Presence (Be-ing) and intimate community, so that the Spirit can abide, and move in and through us, and guide us all into Becom-ing the fullness of our True Selves. We are not here to do Love (ie fix). We are not here to do things to become worthy of Love. 

We are here to Be Love and to be Beloved.

The framework of our exploration together is the greatest love story every told, the words inspired by people who touched a love so great that death was transformed into eternal life, and who received the gift of the Spirit & Comforter who, even now, continues to move in our lives and connect us with one another. 

All roads lead to Love, and at the end, the final question is the same one that is asked in every moment of our lives- Will you Embrace Grace?

And so here, we move in Kairos time, in Sacred time. We are invited to share the face of Love in all the ups and downs of our lives, and to witness to the heights and depths and breadth of a love so great that it breaks us and creates us anew, so that we can gradually increase our capacity to hold all the vibrant paradoxes as One Eternal Love, and so that we can more and more fully Embrace Grace.

9:25-9:30 Discussion Guidelines, Materials, and more

9:30-9:35 Sticky notes

9:35-9:45 Read intentions into group and closing prayer

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