“The 2-4-6”

Interested in gathering members of your healing tribe? Local heart-centered leaders talk about how they offer their unique gifts for holistic healing.

I’m so excited about “The 2-4-6,” MWHC’s program for connection, contemplation, and co-creation! I generally offer what I need most, and right now I need to feel anchored, empowered, and connected. And, because I’m passionate about whole health, I offer programs that have the potential to touch us at the mental/physical/emotional/and spiritual levels.

In this upcoming Zoom series, I’m thrilled to have a lineup of amazing guests every Friday at noon to speak and answer questions on various topics. 

While learning is good, knowledge means little if it doesn’t change us. And I’m all about the journey of transformation. So, after the talk, I invite you to consider how the information affected you and what next small step in your life you might take as a result. 

The weekly series will be from September 9 – October 28, 2022. Recordings will be available for those registered.

Peace, health, and wholeness – Arlene