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Happy New Year & Power Partnerships

As my 2020 Word of the Year “Transform” flows into my 2021 Word “Heal,” I’d like to emphasize the importance of 3 things:

  • We can’t do things alone
  • We must honor life
  • We are called to transcend what once was and co-create within a new reality

Living into the question of who we are Being as we’re Becoming is experienced when we:

  • are aware of our True Self
  • express our True Self in the world
  • reflect upon our experiences to ensure congruence and integrity

If we are not whole, healed, and complete, how can we offer that to the world?

From a self-awareness perspective, when I taught Athletic Training students last summer I asked them to introduce themselves each class in a very particular way: They stated their name, the meaning of their name as an I AM statement, Enneagram type, love language, word of the  year, and the color of the rainbow they were feeling that day. For example, “My name is Arlene. I AM a pledge and a promise, I am an Enneagram 9w8, my love language is words of affirmation, my word of the year is Transform, and I’m feeling orange today (connected with the creativity).”

As a result, my students had a deeper understanding of one other, through a new language of connection beyond the normal, “I’m Arlene, I’m a doctor from Virginia.” And because they repeatedly spoke in this new way into the group, what was initially uncomfortable became comfortable. And rather than identify each other by roles, they began to know one other as individuals with intrinsic value.

From a self-expression perspective, I was inspired to connect with like-minded physicians to form a Direct Primary Care collaborative. I now realize that my inspiration was more a prophetic vision, and that I’m meant to plant seeds with other physicians, and to be available to them as they move into their own creations, rather than fit them into mine. In other words, I’m “planting sequoias.”

From a selfreflection perspective, I have a desire to surrender in deeper ways-  to rest first in Divine Love, and then to be led to the work instead of working to figure it out myself.  I want to trust the signs in every moment – and do the one next thing necessary without worrying about 2 steps ahead.

It is the True Self that is asked to engage with, and co-create within, this new reality.

“We cannot face large-scale crises as individuals; we cannot carry the pain of this reality on our own, nor can we only look out for ourselves. The pain is communal and so too must be the response.”

Richard Rohr

I’m humbled to share that overall I’m physically healthy, emotionally resilient, spiritually grounded, and relationally blessed.

And yet, there remains a hunger to acknowledge and give voice to a fierce desire to offer gifts from the most authentic and vulnerable parts of me.

In 2013, I recognized that the voice that expressed itself was incongruent with my True Self. One evening, I had fallen asleep, exhausted, on the couch, as my then-6 year old son sat near the coffee table, entertaining himself. Some minutes later, I suddenly woke, and asked Luke, “Have you finished your homework?” When he replied, “No,” I lashed out at him in anger for not taking responsibility for his work and finishing it while I was sleeping. And as I yelled, I saw myself from outside myself, and wondered, “What am I doing? Yelling at a 6 year old that he’s not acting like a responsible adult, when I can’t even get my own work done? Angry that a child would rather play than work? Can he even read all the directions and understand them?” And in those moments, I just knew that regardless of how “healthy” and “successful” I was on the outside, I was barely surviving and certainly not thriving. In that watershed moment, I knew I needed help, and was led to Christina Kunkle, a life coach and long time ER nurse who understood the burnout inherent to the medical system. I’d heard of her from a patient in 2010, and when synchronicity brought our paths together at a birthday party in 2013, the Spirit led me to introduce myself, my heart cried out “yes!” and I knew that we would be journeying together for a long, long time.

Christina has worked with me to identify heart-centered goals and provided tools to manifest my desires (ex. meaningful morning practice, core value offer, word of the year, vision boarding). She has offered Reiki as well as intuitive coaching to help me trust in my own intuition to start the first direct primary care practice in the area.  I continue to increase my capacity to say yes, even as things seemingly make less and less sense in the world.

If I hadn’t said yes in 2013 to coaching with Christina and participated in her Synergy group offerings and connected with other heart-centered leaders, I could not have maintained the courage to

  • persevere with making consistent choices in alignment with my CVO (core value offer)
  • blaze my trail on a path of personal and professional transformation, and
  • trust that my inner voice inspired by the Holy Spirit really can participate in a grace-filled world to co-create miracles. 

And in the years since, through the ecstatic highs and agonizing lows, Christina has borne witness to my journey, walked with me, affirmed and reflected my light when I was in darkness, and offered safe spaces to share my True Self even when I was fearful that sharing my heart would bring rejection.

Part of this heart-centered sharing includes shifts in my practice’s signature program “Embrace Grace” to support the work of contemplation while creating a community dedicated to personal transformation and inspired action.

So moving into 2021 and the big Work of Healing, I am grateful for increased opportunities to collaborate with others to share in the Work. I realize that I can’t do it alone, and I don’t have to!  And even more so, I am overjoyed that Christina will be my first power partner in my new office space, offering McCain Whole Health Care patients the chance to work with her through both coaching and Reiki. She has been such a safe space for me, and I look forward to expanding the safe space held in the practice through trusted power partners like Christina.

Arlene McCain, MD

Dr. Arlene McCain is a board-certified family physician who offers comprehensive medical care for all ages, with a whole health perspective that honors body, mind, and spirit. 

She is committed to partnering with individuals as they discern personal motivations for healthy change and passionately supports their inspired progress towards a thriving life.

This practice offers a safe space in which to ask questions, explore answers, and create community on our individual journeys towards health and wholeness.

Arlene McCain is the best family physician I’ve ever had. I most appreciate the empowering, whole-person blend of traditional and alternative options. She is deeply caring—and because I trust her completely, I can recommend her highly.”— Christina K.
Dr. McCain's whole-health approach to wellness is her life's work... What this means for patients: a doctor-patient relationship that is 10 times more truthful and authentic than one based only on the times we are sick... ”— Val M.