Dear Friends & Family,

We will soon celebrate the 1 year anniversary of McCain Whole Health Care. This has been an incredible year, participating in a Divine Dance of Desire & Delight.  This dance began with my Desire to establish a practice offering fierce high service to members, and led to feeling all the feels of  the agony & ecstasy of creation.  This dance also included savoring the Delight of transformative relationships in safe spaces. When I opened this practice, I knew 2 things: Read on…

Arlene McCain is the best family physician I’ve ever had. I most appreciate the empowering, whole-person blend of traditional and alternative options. She is deeply caring—and because I trust her completely, I can recommend her highly.”— Christina K.
Dr. McCain's whole-health approach to wellness is her life's work... What this means for patients: a doctor-patient relationship that is 10 times more truthful and authentic than one based only on the times we are sick... ”— Val M.