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3/7/2021 March Musings

Dear MWHC family,

Three months in to 2021, it’s worthwhile to take a few moments to reflect upon what has been and speak into hopes for what will be.

Wintry weather extended times of seclusion and isolation, resulting in challenges to remain physically active in the cold, to nourish bodies that crave comfort, to maintain emotional health through seasonal depression, and to fuel spiritual light during short, dark days.

Yet there is movement towards longer days and warmer weather. Such is the rhythm of the seasons flowing from winter into spring, and the resultant shift you may feel in your mind-heart-body of an increased restlessness and desire to re-enter, and perhaps increasingly engage with, the world.

What will it look like, participating with one another after a year where a pandemic has upended so many lives? We are still in transition, just as the seasons are transitioning – individuals are receiving vaccines, schools are continually assessing protocols, businesses are determining how best to expand availability – all of us eager to re-connect, and many still uncertain and uneasy about what that will look like.

Will things go back to what they once were? It may be tempting to hope so, although I wonder if this protracted, challenging time, was our collective purifying fire – with opportunities to release what no longer serves, and to create innovative ways to live, and move, and have our being in this world.

And maybe, a year into this, we’ve all learned more about surrender.

We’ve learned how intense the desire is to feel like we’re in control, to have certainty about what to do and how to do it, and to have community.

How do we deal with things when we’re not in control? Do we double down and becoming even more controlling? Do we surrender- and what do we ultimately surrender to?

How do we act when there’s no certainty about what to do and how to do it? Do we claim certainty and proclaim it? Do we live in the tension and discern the next step necessary about how to love ourselves and our neighbors without having to know the final answer?

How do we respond when we don’t have community? Do we continue in community in old ways or new? Do we turn in to ourselves and find ourselves, maybe for the first time?

The bleak, stark beauty of winter is that its cold cuts deep into the heart of us. Stillness, self-sabotage, sadness, and shadow-work become intimate companions. Yet there is purpose in the winter season – it’s because of its cold and darkness that we crave the warmth and light of spring.

May you revel in the coming light of spring, and may others revel in the light you shine.

Peace, health, and wholeness – Arlene

Arlene McCain, MD

Dr. Arlene McCain is a board-certified family physician who offers comprehensive medical care for all ages, with a whole health perspective that honors body, mind, and spirit. 

She is committed to partnering with individuals as they discern personal motivations for healthy change and passionately supports their inspired progress towards a thriving life.

This practice offers a safe space in which to ask questions, explore answers, and create community on our individual journeys towards health and wholeness.

Arlene McCain is the best family physician I’ve ever had. I most appreciate the empowering, whole-person blend of traditional and alternative options. She is deeply caring—and because I trust her completely, I can recommend her highly.”— Christina K.
Dr. McCain's whole-health approach to wellness is her life's work... What this means for patients: a doctor-patient relationship that is 10 times more truthful and authentic than one based only on the times we are sick... ”— Val M.